Our Mission

To create and grow a supportive community to celebrate our uniqueness and beauty. We come together as a community to expand and build upon our connections, creativity, and our strength as women. We embrace our individuality and celebrate our diversity of race, age, shape/size, orientation, and spiritual practices.

It is our intention to bring together business women in a nurturing and supportive environment, to encourage and foster personal and business growth. We strengthen our friendships through inspiration, learning, conection and lots of fun.

We invite you to join us three times a year for a 2 day live events as well as monthly social gathering , as we bring a wide range of relevant and compelling topics.  Each topic is chosen with the intention of supporting our members on their journey to building their business, acknowledging their authentic self and living life fully by expressing who she truly is.

The Bright Side of Life Women’s Community is a supportive community of women who gather in the Tri-Valley area to celebrate our uniqueness and beauty and to expand and build upon our connections, creativity, and our strength.  We embrace our individuality and celebrate our diversity of race, age, shape/size, orientation, and spirituality.

Gather with like-minded business women from around Northern California in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment.  Together, we foster business and personal growth as we strengthen our friendships through inspiration, education, transformation, laughter, and fun.



Dr John Gray“If you want to work with someone who does their homework and supports you 100%, Sahar is the person and this is the event. Everybody that comes to these events are happy people finding happiness and achieving their goals. The Bright Side of Life IS the bright side of life.” – Dr. John Gray

Stephen Dinan“Sahar is a powerfully committed community agent of positive change, which shines through in her words, inspiring others to a life of excellence and service as well. She’s a gem and really added value to our summer of Peace event t that included top speakers like Marianne Williamson!” Stephen Dinan-CEO, The Shift Network

Lisa Nichols“Yes! Yes! Yes! I will come back and present again at the Bright Side of Life. OMG, the women are amazing here and the men are amazing. Walking into a room that’s already on fire — you know, i’m used to coming into a room and being the flame starter — but it was really great walking into a room and just fanning the flame that’s already begun by Sahar. And for someone who’s in the business of teaching, this is the playground that I want to be in. This is the place you go to need to be, ‘God, this is why I’m doing what i’m doing.’” — Lisa Nichols

Jeff Slater“We’ve worked with over 100,000 entrepreneurs and professionals, shared the stage with people like Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Dimartini from ‘The Secret’ and many more and if you’re looking for somebody that truly understands how to put events together — someone that builds a great community of people that come to learn a common goal — Sahar Kordahi is the person. She’s a close friend of mine and is somebody that really understands how to bring people together and fill the room and empower them to get postive results.” – Jeff Slayter