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“Building Community By Design”

Soul-Full Virtual Group Coaching Program with Sahar 


Insider Secrets to Creating & Filling Your Own Live Events That Attract The Right Community, Get You Booked and Generate Six Streams of Income 

Facilitated by:

Community Builder Expert
and Founder of the Bright Side of Life Community  


Sahar Nafal

Dear Soulful Workshop Leaders,

The SUCCESS of filling your events with ease and having Souled Out Live Events again and again isn’t only dependent on your marketing strategies, social media, networking events or even speaking opportunities…

The secret to filling your event with ease is BUILDING COMMUNITY so you can create deeper connections, build more trust, enroll more members into your programs, and have your members feel a sense of belonging so they want to come back again and again and enroll into your programs.

If you don’t know the best systems, strategies and tools to create a constant stream of attendees long before you need them, you will end up with empty seats. In this Virtual “Building Community By Design” program,” you will learn the tools for building successful live events and:

Insider Secrets to Creating & Filling Your Own Live Events That Attract The Right Community, Get You Booked and Generate Six Streams of Income

Will be creating your vision; planning your online marketing campaign; and learning strategies that will get your community to come back again and again; finding speaking opportunities; packaging your programs, and let’s not forget, you’ll have the chance to build community with other like-minded event leaders.

Learn the secrets behind the creation of The Bright Side of Life Live Events!

This is for you if:

* You want to create or grow your events and bring souls together with your dream of sharing your message, have a collaborative support system AND create a profitable thriving business

* You feel deep down that you want to build live events that are perfect for you and for those amazing souls that want to be part of your community.

* You want to do business in a way that feels collaborative, ethical and in congruence with a network of heartfelt, “up-to-big-things” souls so that you can ALL grow together in a totally authentic (and fun!) way.

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Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn In This Powerful Virtual Program:

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