“The Bright Side of Everything” 2 Day Live Event

Dear Bright Community and Guests,

What if I told you that your life does not have to be as hard as you make it to be?

What if I told you that if you truly intend to, you can have it all;  Health and Wellness, Alignment with life and work, healthy relationship with yourself and others, a community of loving and caring people, a life full of more sex, more connections, more money and more of “The Bright Side of Everything?”

What if I told you that there is an event happening Right Here in The San Francisco Bay Area where you can learn all of that and more at “The Bright Side of Everything?”

Are you ready to say YES to have a more congruent life?

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If so, then this two day event is just for you!

It is happening with over 150 conscious business owners who are just like you, ready to have it all!

Join The Bright Side of Life on September 24 and 25 for a two day life changing event like you’ve never experienced before.

Let’s come together as a conscious community and learn how we can shift what we were told is “right” and step into the new way of living, a congruent and balanced life of more health, wealth, spirituality, and relationships!

In this Life Changing two day event, you will learn from top local SF Bay Area leading business, health and wellness, spirituality, and relationship experts and entrepreneurs how to model, distill and employ their best practices to create long-term success and congruence in your personal and business life.

Let’s get busy making a positive impact instead of wasting time being what other people expect us to be.

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Our presenters are experts in what they do. Each has their own unique way of sharing their gifts. They will help you shift the context of your past where other people’s input on who you were and what you were supposed to be like held you back with limitations.

They will inspire you, motivate you, and share their brilliance with you so you can be Congruent With Everything That You Do And Everything That You Are!

What You Will Learn When You Join Us:

•  How to master and integrate the 5 Keys to Success – Paul and Carol Benson

•  How to nurture your business connections through powerful follow-up –       Debbie Hoffman

•  The 5 “Ts” of Looking Great in Photos – Steve Cozart

•  Healing Your Soul’s Voice To Joyfully Express Its Divine Purpose –Ariana  Newcomer

•  “The Secret Connection Between Your Feminine Power And Your Success! – Candice Oneida

•  A Mom’s Juicy Life” Be Happy Wealthy & Hot – Tori Amos

•  What is the most important secret to be successful with online dating? –  Margaret Rose 

•  3 keys to develop intuition so you feel grounded and confident in your decisions –Sarah Wayne

•  Five essential elements needed to create better relationships in your personal community to invite joy, support and more fun- Sahar Nafal

•   Align with Your Innate Power to Heal and Thrive- Kirsten Hill

• “3 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Have the Relationship You Want”-Lucas Lehman

•  You will also, have the opportunity to Trans Dance with Heather Munro Pierce. Laugh with a local comedian and sing along with a surprise local talent!

Journey with The Bright Side of Life on Sept 24 and 25 to discover your ability to transform your Life to receive more success, more health, more inspiration, and more connections. Take your personal and business life to a more congruent, higher level of expression.

This is your time!

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To learn more about how you can speaker at our 2016 BSL, email us at thebrightsideoflifeca@gmail.com

Register today, seats are limited and this event will be another
Souled Out Live Event! 

Remember to always look at The Bright Side of Life! 

Sahar Nafal, Founder