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Share your Message with your Ideal  Audience,
Make Your Offer from The Bright Side Stage,
Get Branded to Thousands of People, Be Recognized as the Go To Expert, Get Booked on other Stages and Generate Thousands of Dollars From the Back of the Room Sales.

  • Have you been invited to speak, and told “you can’t make an offer from the stage” or you are not allowed to sell your products or even enroll people into your services after your talk?
  • Do you have a burning desire to speak as a profit speaker that supports you in making an offer from the stage so you can have an effective impact, and improve the lives of others?
  • Do you want to deliver your message to an audience who is waiting to hear your bright offer, and say YES to working with you?

Welcome, You Have Come to The Right Place!

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Bright Expert Speakers Program

A Training Program With Community Builder Expert, Speaker Promoter and Founder of The Bright Side of Life Events

Sahar Nafal


  • Learn how to express your message with confidence, clarity and authenticity in a safe and supportive space.
  • Experience the power and effectiveness of making your offer in front of your ideal audience.
  • Attract the divine clients ready to say yes to your programs, making a positive impact, whilst building your thriving business!


Experience how powerful and effective it is to express your message with confidence, clarity and authenticity, in a safe supported space, in front of your ideal audience!

Deliver your unique message that will attracts the ideal clients to say YES to enrollment in your programs – in return, making an impact to transform their lives, whilst building your own thriving business.

Dear Expert Bright Speaker and Offer Makers,

You are an ambitious leader and speaker – no question about it. You have a vision and are trying to create a better world for generations to come, in your own unique way. You want to deliver your message to audiences who are waiting to hear it and you want to know that you are making an impact in the way they live their lives, right?

Perhaps at this moment you feel frustrated; you have a burning desire to speak and make your offer from the stage, yet don’t really know where to go. You have been invited to speak, but are told “you can’t make an offer from the stage” and you are not allowed to sell your products or even enroll people into your services after your talk!

You may be a speaker, coach, healer, teacher, trainer or consultant — and are most alive when you are giving your talk, witnessing the growth, healing and transformation that is happening in the room.

And right when you are ready to invite them to work with you, you remember that you are not allowed to make your offer from the stage!

You have spent thousands of dollars on speaking trainings and learned the steps and process of how to make your offer from the stage and yet, event promoters, workshop and group leaders are not supporting you in allowing you to make the offer from the stage. You may now start to recognize that something is wrong with these approaches.

You know that you have the know-how and confidence to present on stage and the tools to make the offer, and that you are committed to living and doing business in an enlightened new way, yet there are no stages that will support or honor you in making your full offer.

It’s likely that those who are asking you to present on their stages, are working within the old paradigm of thinking that does not align with the way you truly believe in doing business.

If you are passionate about delivering your message with your ideal audience, make your offer from the stage, help your business grow and expand, and equally committed to transforming people’s lives, the good news is that there’s a program that will support you with authenticity, inspiration… and a safe space to deliver your message and make your full offer from the stage.

Founder of the Bright Side of Life Community, speaker promoter and creator of The Bright Side of Everything Events, Sahar Nafal, invites you to join her for an incredible four-month journey with 4-6 other, speakers and business owners who, like you, are ready to share their message, make their offers and grow sustainable, profitable businesses that will change their lives as well as the lives of others.


Here’s What You’ll Discover when you sign up for “Bright Expert Speaker” Program with Sahar

  • How to share your tailored message with confidence and authenticity that feeds your sense of integrity and truly helps you deliver from your authentic voice.
  • Be promoted to thousands of the Bright Side of Life community Members , online and offline, as one of our expert speakers.
  • The Steps and process on how to connect to the audience, position yourself as an expert, seed your expertise in a way that describes your offering, so that it resonates with exactly the people you are meant to serve.
  • Make the offer that will have the audience running to the back of the room to sign up for your services.
  • A platform with hundreds of your ideal audience who are ready to say Yes to working with you.
  • A expert back of the room sales team to support you with the enrollment process.
  • Caring and loving energy in the room holding space for you, while you present your talk with grace and make your offer.

Group Training Program Dates and Times

The process and the experience of you sharing your message from an authentic place, and delivering what you promised to those who are ready to work with you, is transformational for you and those who say yes to work with you.

Here is what our previous participants shared about their experience:

“Thank you, Sahar.  I’m still processing what I learned and finding many gifts from this powerful experience.  Overall, I think that it has opened my heart and my confidence level, to prepare me for sharing my ADIO program and making a bigger impact in the well-being of our community” ~ Kirstin Hill

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to make my first paid offer ever from the stage to your community! I am honored and grateful in so many ways! There was so much love, connection, and support in the room. I’ can’t believe how many people signed up to work with me!” ~ Lucas Roy Lehman

The experience was amazing! So transformative!

Thank you, Sahar, for a great event. Both Paul and I loved speaking on your stage. What an inspiring group of wonderful humans. ~ Paul and Carol Benson

Sahar – thank you so much for your powerful listening, your great heart, and your integrity. I broke through a big block in this event, and stepped further into Voicing My Value! ~ Ariana Newcomer

Hear what the audience have shared about their Experiences:

Thank you so much for inviting me into your brilliant community of The Bright Side of Life! WOW!  The speakers, the attendees all powerful conscious minded women and men, such a gift to be with them all. I felt like I belonged and was welcomed openly.  I made some amazing connections.

You have created such a beautiful group!  I would love to come down again from Canada!

Sahar has lead the Bright Side of Life Community for the past 8 years and welcomed over eight thousand speakers, leaders, teachers, trainers coaches and healers in to her live events.

She has also invited hundreds of presenters — from Celebrity speakers and international bestselling authors to beginner speakers, to share their message on the Bright Side of Life Stage.

Her leadership, speaking, sales skills and knowledge as a speaker promoter and community builder, have led to unique insights on how speakers need to show up on stage and most effectively deliver their offer.

Sahar is committed to change in the speaking circuits, to open doors for women and a new way of delivering and offering from the stage – creating a platform that is safe, authentic, inspiring and profitable for women.

In this one of a kind Make Your Bright Offer Speaker Training, Sahar will take you on a step-by-step journey by sharing her proven system and strategies for a successful experience before during and after you present and make your offer on The Bright Side of Life Stage.

This experience is very unique and it is the only one of its kind that will support you in working with an expert promoter in a step by step process to take your speaking to the next level of success.

Sahar  will show you how speaking and making your offer is not as challenging as you perceive it to be, and once you complete this program, the end results are empowering, inspiring and profitable.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for MYBO Speaker Program with Sahar:

image2Five 60-Minute LIVE Teaching Calls with Sahar Nafal

Calls are on Monday’s at 9:00am Pacific.
All calls will be recorded and will be available to you to download. This way, you’ll never have to worry about missing a training call, and you can listen anytime and anywhere on your iPod, in your car, and at your convenience.


image3Online “Practice Your Offer” prep day with Sahar “Make Your Bright Offer” participants

In addition to the calls, you’ll also spend time to practice your offer and get valuable feedback. This way you can be ready to present and make your offer with confidence and get the opportunity to be supported and build community with the other participants.


image4Interactive Online Facebook Group Forum

Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue you connecting after each training call. Here, you can ask additional questions, interact with your fellow speakers and get access to additional resources shared by Sahar.


image5Seven- 60 minute “Community Building by Design” Virtual Training with Sahar

Insider Secrets to Creating and Filling Your Live Events with Ease training program with Sahar.  Learn insider secrets of creating your own Sould Out monthly live events and much more.


image6Make Your Bright Offer from the Stage

This is where it all happens! Imagine how it would feel like when you arrive on the stage in front of 150-200 people ready for you to share your talk and make your offer.



image8Promoter Ready Media Kit.

You get on-stage professional photo taken by Steve Cozart, our award winning internationally known photographer. In addition you’ll get a fully-edited video of your presentation with a call to action statement on at the end of your video. The Media kit is to help you promote and brand yourself for your next speaking opportunity.


SponosrshipHalf Page Sponsor Ad in Event Program Book

This is to promote your service to our community, we will design a beautiful 4×4 ad for you to include in our popular ad book at the event.
Click HERE for the Sponsor Ad details


image10Promote your business at the Community Marketing Table

As a Sponsor and Speaker, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your marketing materials to place them on our Diamond Community Sponsorship / Speaker Marketing Table at our live event.


image11Online and offline marketing campaign to Thousands of our members.

As one of our speakers, you photo and name will be added to all of our marketing campaigns and marketed to the thousands of our members. In addition, you will be promoted to our vast social media platforms and your name and photo will be added to all of our event flyers, and postcards to be shared by Sahar while she network the SF Bay Area


Sahar190-Minute “Make Your Bright Offer” Private Mentoring call with Sahar.

Get one on one phone support from Sahar expertise to get your questions answered when it come to your talk, PowerPoint, your offer or anything that you need support with during the program.

Please click the button below to schedule a call with Sahar to learn more about MYBO and if this is the right program for you.

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You’ll also be heard and seen by many event leaders in our community who are looking for speakers to present on their stages.

“Make Your Bright Offer” Experts support Post Calls

It does not end when the event is over…it has just started! To support you to stay on the path of success, Sahar interviews experts in the areas of follow up and enrolment.

In addition, Sahar scheduled a post event group feedback call specifically to give you feedback on your offer and what worked and what didn’t for you on stage.

Share Your Message and Make Your Bright Offer.

If you are serious about sharing your message and making an impact while making your offer from the stage then this program is for you

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