Brightside of Everything Panelist

Become a Bright Panelist!

Want to be one of our expert panels for our upcoming May 20 & 21, 2016 Bright Side of Everything 2 day live event?

If so, we are looking for business owners who are experts at what they do and to share their wisdom, message and gifts with our audiences at The Bright Side of Everything two day live event happening on May 20 & 21, 2016 in the SF Bay Area.

What is a Bright Expert panel?

Our Bright Expert Panels focus on providing information and promoting discussion on theme of The Bright Side of Everything 2 day Live Event.  The panel host, Sahar Nafal, will be in charge of leading a discussion for a length of 60 minutes.

We have space for only 10-12.  Five to six experts on each day.

We’re always looking for a good balance of topics and expertise.  What we’re truly looking for someone who:

  • Is a genuine expert in their field
  • Is an engaging and charismatic speaker
  • Shows up to the event on time and prepared
  • Conducts their business in a pleasant and professional manner, and
  • Lets us know they’re interested!

Who can join?

To be eligible for our panel, you must:

  • Become a Diamond Sponsor.  Learn more about our sponsorship opportunity “Bright Sponsorship
  • Be willing to answer the questions in an authentic way and give valuable content for the audience to leave with.
  • Experts in fields of one of the following areas: Health and Wellness, Relationships, Business building and Money Mindset, and Spirituality.
  • Participates on our scheduled group call with Sahar to go over the details and logistics of the panel. (Group call will be recorded)
  • Have up to date business cards and marketing materials to place on our Diamond Sponsors community marketing table.
  • Currently working in your business and have events, services and or products to mention during the panel discussion.

We are currently taking applicants, If you’re interested in being a Bright Panelist:

  • Take the time to introduce yourself.
  • Tell us what you’re topic is.
  • We would also like to know:
    • Why are you an expert?
    • What do you feel you are qualified to be on the Bright Panel?
Apply to be a Bright Panelist

“Being a panelist on Sahar’s stage at the bright side of everything event was an amazing experience! Not only was I able to meet so many awesome people, gain so many great insights, but because of being on stage, I was positioned as a leader in her community. As a result of my free offer from the stage, I attracted 13 strategy sessions and generated close to 10K in new income! All this from under 7 minutes of time! Sahar truly knows how to put on an event that over delivers on value!!
~ High Ticket Breakthrough Mentor, Sean Douglas Stewart