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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Income – AND Create a Supportive Community All at the Same Time?

You Are Invited to a One-of -a-Kind Workshop

“BUILDING COMMUNITY BY DESIGN”: How To Serve From Your Own Stage

Facilitated by, Community Builder Expert

Sahar Nafal

Thursday, March 30, 2017

9:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Larkspur Landing Hotel Pleasanton

Early Bird Price: $97.00



“Gathering places have played a major role in building the relationships that have given birth to movement organizing. From coast to coast there are examples of thriving places that facilitate new levels of relationship building and community dialogue, places where voices are heard, spirit felt, and powerful new directions forged.” 
~Claudia Horwitz

Dear Soulful Bright Leaders,

Imagine, you are in a room with brilliant like-minded Community Leaders and business owners who are just like you, committed to a vision bigger than themselves — a vision that will transform you, your businesses, and those who want to join your community.

Perhaps right now you’re feeling a little isolated. You don’t really have a “tribe” that you feel really gets you. You are searching for a support system, and you feel deep down that you want to create one that would not only be perfect for you, but those amazing people that you want to bring together in community.

You want to do business in a way that feels collaborative to create a network of heartfelt, up-to-big-things community so that you could ALL grow together, and celebrate each other in a totally authentic (and fun!) way?

I believe that the SUCCESS of your Live Events depends not only on your Marketing strategies, use of social media, networking events or even speaking opportunities…

The real secret is COMMUNITY BUILDING so you can create deeper connections, build more trust, enroll more members into your programs, and give them a sense of belonging so they want to come back again and again.


At my all-day workshop, we will set our collective intention toward building community to expand our networks and learning the best systems, strategies and tools for creating a constant stream of attendees who want to buy from you because they trust you. You will also be learning community building for online marketing and networking and I will be sharing powerful speaking strategies that will help you build community-based live events in ways that fill the room and generate huge profits with ease.

Here is what you will discover when you join us in this hands-on, content-rich, interactive, and fun Networking & Community Building Workshop:

  • What Turns a Contact Into a Community Member? – How to Go From Networker to Community Builder in 5 Easy Steps
  • My room-filling strategy that generates Souled-Out LIVE Events (time and time again)
  • The most authentic way to create a sense of community at your event so your audience can’t wait to buy from you
  • How to become a highly sought-after expert in your industry and get asked to speak on many stages and so much more!

In addition, I have invited a special friend Sean Stewart, transformational sales expert to present as our expert guest speaker.

With Sean, you will learn how to make an irresistible strategy session offer from your own stage that attracts ideal clients and generates 5-figures (or more). As well, Sean will walk you through his transformation-based sales process so you know exactly how to convert those prospects when you have your strategy sessions with them.

We invite you to a free pre event call as Sahar Nafal interview special guest speaker Sean Stewart. For more info go to

We are thrilled to have you be a part of our March 30, 2017 Building Community By Design: How to Server From Your Own Stage Workshop, that will change your way of doing business and introduce you to a group of conscious business owners that you can create long lasting relationships with.

Here is what our Bright Attendees shared about their experience at our October workshop:

“Sahar, you brought magic to us to ELEVATE and bring forth the tigress within. It gave me goosebumps being in the room with you today! It is imperative that we women get our messages out — and do so powerfully. You are an example of how it should be done. I love and cherish you forever! XO” ~ Vera Singleton‎

“Sharing the stage with Leslie Hewitt, Jan Cercone and Jessica Hadari at Sahar Nafal’s souled-out event on Building Community by Design was amazing! What an experience that was! A great day, packed with useful info and fun networking!” ~ Shannon Presson

“Your life is a mirror of relationships; every person in your life is a mirror of you.”


Seats are limited


Enroll in our workshop today, Space is Limited.

Early Bird enrollment ends March 15, 2017.

Workshop enrollment closes March 29, 2017.

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