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The Bright Side of Life Presents….

The Bright Side of Everything -2 Day Live Event:

“Spirituality and Business Success”

Friday & Saturday, May 20 & 21, 2016

9:00 AM- 5:00pm

Faz Restaurant Banquet Hall

5121 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA (map)

Price: $67.00



Can Spirituality Drive Success in Our Businesses?

“Spirituality and business success all start with making the connection between your inner and outer life. The secret to bridging these worlds is that you bridge inside first.” 
~Deepak Chopra

Dear Bright Community,

That’s why success has to be holistic, it must embrace your vision of yourself and open the path to a lifetime of personal growth. Every step of success depends on one thing: self-awareness. Whatever you can do to facilitate expansion of your consciousness is a step toward success.

I grew up with a father who was conditioned to believe that financial success was the most important thing in life. Our relationship had always been challenging, because my dad came from a very traditional background with an old-fashioned way of thinking. I knew him to be judgmental, based on the traditions of his culture, and it troubled me that he expressed love and respect for others according to how successful they were.

Recently, however, I had the opportunity to spend two amazing weeks with my dad at my sister’s home in Chicago after his knee replacement surgery. The gift in it all was that it gave me the chance to get to know him all over again, only this time from a place of love and non-judgment.

During our time together, I shared with him that I was leading a success-themed event in the Bay Area, and I asked him what success meant to him. I was hoping he’d give me a different answer than the one I remembered from growing up. Sadly, he told me: “Your level in life is equivalent to how much money you have in the bank.”

Wow! I thought. My 80-year-old dad still has the same beliefs about money and success. With love and non-judgment, I began to attempt to shift his way of looking at both, and before I left to come back to California, he surprised me with a new answer to the same question. It blew my mind when he said, “Success is measured by how kind and giving you are to others.”

Mission accomplished!

RegisterNowBright Side of Life Speakers Jan 2016

We invite you to join us as we plan to bring this much-needed topic to our upcoming “The Bright Side of Everything” 2-day live event on May 20 & 21, where the theme will be “Spirituality and Business Success.”

Let’s say goodbye to the old way of thinking about success and welcome in the new way of BEING successful! As the vibrant, talented community we are, let’s pool our efforts and pave a new and exciting Spiritual Path to Success! At this electrifying 2-day event, you will learn from leading national and SF Bay Area business, health & wellness, spirituality, and relationship experts, plus entrepreneurs who will model and distill their best practices so that you, too, can create long-term success and balance in your business and personal life.

You see, after divorcing in 2009 and struggling financially and emotionally after losing everything and having to rebuild my life and business over and over, I know few things about success.

As always, The Bright Side of Life brings together mega-influencers, including best-selling authors, renowned speakers, global thought leaders, award-winning entrepreneurs, and some of the best minds in business to lavish you with 2 days of inspiration, learning, music, laughter and incredible connections.

The 2-day event on May 20 & 21 promises to be life-changing — and game-changing — like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Over 150 conscious business owners just like you will be present and ready to explore the crucial but often neglected link between spirituality and business success.

As a community we’ll be coming together to learn how we can shift old concepts about what is “right” and step into a new and more successful way of living that respects our family time while balancing and supporting our physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and intellectual lives.

Here’s what a thrilled participant shared about her light-bulb experience at one of our Bright Side of Everything 2-Day Live events:

“It was truly amazing! I especially loved hearing the speakers’ stories and the way their own journeys weren’t working for them, but how failure and disappointment led them to their aha! moments. And I loved hearing that clarity was key to unlocking their unlimited potential and to breaking through the imaginary glass ceiling they had erected. It was truly inspiring because I know the same is true for all of us, so thank you, Sahar, and everyone who was there, for igniting the fire and the light of compassion and brilliance in all of us!” ~ Veronica

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Our presenters are experts in what they do. Each has their own unique way of delivering their unique message. They will inspire you, motivate you, and share their brilliance with you so you can have a more Balanced life and a more balanced business.

Here’s our speaker lineup and the list of their inspiring topics:

Sean Douglas Stewart — Ideal Clients, Lifestyle Freedom: How to Attract and Enroll 5-Figure Clients You Love

  • Take away from Sean’s talk:
    • * How to Break through to Your Best Self, Step into Your Power, and Create Ritual to Condition High Performance From Within.

Dixie Bennett — The Abundant Female CEO: How Removing Blocks in Your 7 Chakras Can Boost your Business & Bottom Line

  • Take away from Dixie’s talk:
    • * Discover Your Top Abundance Blocks and Why You’re Not Attracting More of What You Want so that you absolutely can!

Ben Saltzman — Enneagram Personality Type: Transformations for Business Success

  • Take away from Ben’s talk:  
    • * Learn How Your Spiritual Transformation Leads to Bottom Line Tangible Business Success.

Brandy Gillmore — Harnessing  Your Inner Power to Heal

  • Take away from Brandy’s Talk:
    • * How using the power of your mind for healing can elevate your health and every area of your life!




Tim-Kelley-9276-320Tim Kelley

I’m honored to welcome back onto the Bright Side of Life Stage,  my friend and True Purpose mentor, Tim Kelly.

Tim will be presenting on the topic of:   Becoming a Global Phenomenon:  Using Your Purpose to Stand Out, Make Money, and Create a Better World

If you want to make your impact international, you need to take your marketing and services to an entirely new level.  The same messages that will get you business and attention locally probably won’t be nearly enough to make you stand out on a much larger stage.  Fortunately, reinventing yourself and upping your game can be easier than you might think:  rather than creating new language from scratch, it’s possible to “download” the strategy and compelling content that you need.

Join internationally renowned purpose expert Tim Kelley as he shares how he went global, and how you can, too!  Learn the techniques that he uses with CEOs and politicians around the world to increase their reach and impact. 

In this powerful talk, you will learn:

  • How the way you describe what you do can make you invisible (or not!)
  • How to identify a unique service offering that will remove all of your competition
  • The four sources of information you can use to get powerful marketing language (you’ve probably been using only one of them)
  • Why the usual marketing questions are so difficult to answer, and how you can make answering them simple and easy
  • How using your purpose as the basis for your marketing makes everyone want you to succeed

About Tim Kelley:

Tim Kelley is a global change agent who works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform human institutions and evolve society.  He helps executives, politicians and organizations to become potent and capable creators of change.  Tim’s methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers and on television.

Tim has trained over 1,000 consultants, therapists and coaches around the world in his methods.  He has worked with hundreds of CEOs, including top leaders and executive teams from such companies as Nabisco, ING, Oracle and Price Waterhouse Coopers, as well as government ministers and leaders of international NGOs.  He is the author of True Purpose and the best-selling coauthor of three other books.


TTK-cropped-fur-shot-320Tracey Trottenberg

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I’m so excited to welcome to the Bright Side of Life stage for the first time, my friend and one of the best women transformational trainers and leaders, Tracey Trottenberg.

Tracey will be presenting The Topic of: “Spiritually Speaking: The Real Journey of a Messenger “

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Talk Take Away from Tracey’s Talk:

  • Understand your modern-day “dark night of the soul” and how to alchemize fear into fuel for your highest spiritual growth so you can powerfully serve others.
  • “Your Own Uniqueness™”: how to harness the power of your presence and impact when you say yes to your calling (hint: You will not find this in someone else’s system or what others say you ‘should’ do).
  • What your soul is saying: How distinguish and discern between the inner cacophony of voices and balance what you need to say and what your audience needs to hear.

About Tracy:

With over twenty-two years in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, master trainer, Feminine Leadership and Conscious Communication expert, Tracey has taught, spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people internationally. She has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Marianne Williamson and others.

Alongside her husband, George Peter Kansas, Tracey teaches “Messenger Training From the Inside Out.” She guides women in business to access their true power, passion and purpose and to share their message and establish their presence, whether they’re in the boardroom, out networking, working with their staff or speaking from the main stage, in a way that demonstrates their leadership while preserving their femininity. Tracey has taught thousands of women in business how to step into their authentic voice and own any stage.

Creator and co-author of the bestselling book, “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership”, Tracey was selected out of thousands as a top ten finalist in “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” competition. Co-host of “Own, Honor and Unleash™” and “Speak with Soul™” live experiences, as well as “The Deeper Conversation” and “Prosperity Playground” podcasts, she has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, iVillage and other media outlets.

“Tracey’s just a rock-star.  She’s someone I have such admiration for.  It really is her life assignment to do what she’s doing. She’s just the best.  Truly the best!”  ~ Sandra Yancey, Founder, eWomen Network




We’ve also invited an all-star panel of leading experts to share with you their advice and experience related to Spirituality and Business Success.  


Join us for inspiration, learning, and connections! 

Journey with The Bright Side of Life on May 20 & 21 to discover your ability to transform your Life to receive more success, more health, more inspiration, and more connections. Take your personal and business life to a more balanced and higher level of expression.

More Testimonials from  The Bright Side of Everything 2 Day Live Event:

“What a great event Sahar. Met some fabulous people and so inspired by everyone. My energy is recharged!” ~ Margaret

“AWESOME – What a positive, amazing event. So creative and unlike anything I have attended. What an amazing community! I would recommend this event to everyone.” ~ Tracy

“Sahar, every time I attend one of your events, I feel it was the best ever. The last two days event: ‘The Bright Side of Everything, was a wonderful experience! Along with your teaching, sharing and encouraging from your vast experience, the conference, was packed full of beautiful speakers who shared their life changing wisdom and talents, with the attendees. Networking with amazing, brilliant heart centered entrepreneurs was wonderful! The support, collaboration and genuine love within the BSL community is un-paralleled in any other organization I have known. I feel blessed to be a part of this dynamic sisterhood! Keep up the excellent work!” ~ Merrilee

“Sahar – thank you so much for your powerful listening, your great heart, and your integrity. I broke through a big block in this event, and stepped further into Voicing My Value!” ~ Ariana

Yes, Everyone, this is your time for more success!


Register today, seats are limited and this event will be another Souled Out Live Event!

Sahar-320Remember to always look at The Bright Side of Life!  

See you soon

Sahar Nafal, Founder


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